Paris, France

Nov 8-13

Everybody gets romantic images in the mind when they think of Paris. It is a beautiful city of course, but in my opinion, it is not THE most beautiful city in Europe. I was in Paris almost three years ago and don’t have particularly fond memories. I remember being shocked about how dirty the city was, with smokers and cigarette butts everywhere and just general rubbish. Matt also had pretty low expectations because he had heard about the filth from other people too.

But we were both pleasantly surprised to see that Paris had cleaned itself up in the past couple of years. The city centre was clean and looked really beautiful. It therefore has that romantic feel that everybody raves about when you are walking the streets.



Bataclan- site of the 2015 Terrorist attacks


Anyway, we had a fair bit of time here and it rained for the most part. We did get one clear and sunny day, which we spent half of it at the Eiffel Tower. The lines to get in were insane! We waited 45 minutes just to buy tickets. We decided to walk, which you could only do to about the halfway point and then there was an elevator to take you to the very top. We also had to wait for aaaages again just to get on the elevator. Neither of us are a big fan of crowds, so the amount of people there was a bit overwhelming.




But the views from the top were amazing and of course, the feeling actually of being up on the Eiffel Tower is a bit surreal. We were so lucky that the sun was shining and the sky was blue for once!


We both really enjoyed spending our time here walking through the streets and seeing all of the famous architecture, like the Notre Dame (which I love!) and the Louvre.




As for food, there wasn’t much in the way of ‘French Cuisine’ around anymore, all the restaurants were pretty standard and the same as what we had seen everywhere. Either that or we couldn’t afford to even look at the menu of a typical French restaurant. But we did find a really cool Vietnamese restaurant that was completely vegan! They made vegan versions of all the typical Vietnamese dishes, which is something I have never seen before.



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