Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Oct 31- Nov 4

The Netherlands is now a favourite country for both us. We stayed in the best Airbnb ever! It was a tiny house converted from an old wagon and it was on an organic dairy farm out in the countryside. The wagon was so cute and then there was a separate wagon as a bathroom. The farm also had people living in ‘Yurts,’ which were like big, robust tents. The farm was beautiful! There was a big veggie garden, that is shared by people in community (we ate lunch at a nearby cafe that used the produce from this farm) and there were lots of animals- horses right outside our front door, a couple of pigs, goats, cats and chickens.


We also had some bikes to use, so we did some exploring around the countryside and went to the nearest small town too. There was a river that we could also follow and it took us about an hour to get into the city of Amsterdam. Out in the countryside, there were also a couple of old windmill! The whole place was gorgeous and so typical of the Netherlands.




Amsterdam itself is also really cute. It is so nice to see the canals everywhere and it felt like we were in a movie. We also had a lot of fun walking into every single cheese shop we saw and took advantage of the free tastings. We ate soooo much cheese in the Netherlands, which is probably why we loved it so much.



Central Station
Old City Gate


Oh, and there really are bikes everywhere. Literally more bikes than cars it seems like. And proper bicycle-dedicated traffic lanes on all roads. Cars are not beeping at you or trying to run you down. Seriously cool country.

Multi-level bike parking at Central Station


At night, we went out to see what the red light district had to offer. Last time I was there, there were quite a few girls in the windows offering their services (mostly older women) but this time, much to Matt’s disappointment, the majority of the windows were empty and for rent. So we only got to see a couple of half naked prostitutes. Such a shame. (Of course, no photos were allowed).







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