Vienna, Austria

Oct 3-6

Everyone kept telling us how beautiful Vienna was going to be, but we think everywhere is amazing so we couldn’t really imagine a whole lot better. But Vienna was like a city full of palaces. Every building is huge and so intricately decorated and there are actual palaces, with gold trim and everything!

Hofburg Palace


The weather wasn’t the best, freezing and pretty rainy, but we still got out and about to see everything that we wanted to. I was also pretty excited to be back in a country where I could understand everything for the first time in a couple of months.

National Library
Town Hall

One day, when the weather was a bit sunny, we went for lunch at a beer garden that served really delicious traditional food. We sat outside and realised how super relaxed the working culture was there, because the waiters (the majority of whom were men over the age of 45) had some beer with customers and smoked their cigarettes when they didn’t have much to do. Another weird thing here is how much head they leave on the beers. When the waiters are walking with them, they are literally swinging them around because there is no chance that they will spill. They would also carry a huge tray of about 20 beers, just balancing it on one hand.


The restaurant was also in a big park, that was also an outdoor amusement park, like Luna Park in Melbourne. Our time in Vienna was mostly sightseeing, so not many stories, but a lot of nice photos!




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