Budapest, Hungary

Sept 26-30

We caught the overnight train from Bucharest to Budapest, which took 15 hours and although we didn’t get much sleeping done, we had plenty of space because the train was fairly empty. But one exciting thing did happen… Matt proposed and I said yes!

So on our first night in Budapest, we celebrated with the most delicious food we have eaten on the trip, at a traditional Hungarian restaurant. Huge portions and kind of expensive for Hungary but super cheap compared to home prices.


We had heard from other people that Budapest was a really beautiful city and it didn’t disappoint! The city is split into two, with Buda on one side of the Danube river and Pest on the other.


Like all other European cities, this one was filled with gorgeous, giant old buildings. But it was something special. There were a lot more well preserved buildings compared to what we have seen so far, plus there were other highlights which made it stand out.


On one side of the river there was a castle that actually looked more like a palace. The size of it was incredible and you could get great views of the city. Next to this complex was also the Fisherman’s Bastion, an old terrace that was like a little cut off part of the city, with walls and towers and a beautiful church inside.



Fisherman’s Bastion


We also climbed up through the hills to reach the citadel, or the old fortress, which Hitler loved so much that he made sure it was preserved during the war and the Germans took it over. From this point, we could get another amazing view of the city, especially of the parliament, which was a crazy Gothic style building.



Another cute thing in this city was that it had the oldest electrified railway in mainland Europe, first opening in 1896. As soon as we stepped onto the underground platform, it felt like we were on a movie set and it couldn’t possibly be real!





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