Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Aug 24-30

This is my last stop in Bulgaria and I wanted to hang out here for a while just to chill out. I am pretty exhausted from being in cities and moving around a lot the past few weeks. This town is pretty small and in the mountains so it was a good location to hang out. I got here by train, which was supposed to take 4 hours but took like 6 because we stopped in some random middle of nowhere town for like an hour and then the train moved super slowly. I would have been faster on my bike. Anyway, lucky the view was amazing as it was all through the mountains. Plus I made friends with the young girl in my carriage who spoke perfect English (because she was born in Sweden).


I stayed in a hostel that was a 20 minute walk from town, it was really nice, clean and I met some really friendly people there. Although sleeping in a dorm wasn’t always the best (snorers are not my friends and I did have to wake some French guy up because of his super loud snoring).  But the hostel had great views of the mountains, was in a quiet location and plenty of space. The free breakfast and dinner everyday were also a major plus.

My first day here, I did the free walking tour which was cool and saw that this town is very cute. Cobble stone streets, super old buildings and a MASSIVE fortress overlooking the town. It is seriously huge and I spent a couple of hours walking around inside. There was a church on top and I got amazing views over the whole town.






On another day, a group of 9 of us hired a van to go on a day trip. We went out to these caves in the middle of nowhere and it was a great day. They had bats living inside, as well as a running water stream and lots of green plants. Plus it was nice to be out of the heat. On the way back to the hostel, we made a stop at a canyon, where there was another cave. This time we could see the bats flying around us because it was getting close to dusk. Also, there was a hike around the top of the canyon where you could get great views and led to views of the big lakes that are there. Really beautiful spot!



This is my lunch from a random little restaurant we found on a travels. It was on the menu as egg, cheese, mayo and bread. I didn’t expect it to look like this but it was actually really delicious. Bulgarians eat a lot of meat so I was happy to just find a place with a decent vegetarian menu.


Oh and the hostel’s cat had kittens. But she abandoned them completely like straight away. As far as I know, one of the Australian guests here had a van and took them with her. Only 2 of the four survived longer than a couple of days. But to be fair, the mother was only a kitten herself, probably not even a year old.






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