Sofia, Bulgaria

Aug 19-22

I actually wasn’t even going to visit Sofia because I have been in a few big cities lately and needed a break from them. But I couldn’t get directly to the next city anyway so I stayed here a few nights. I am really glad I did! Even after it took almost two hours to cross the border. Seriously, there were hardly any cars, but it was like no-one was actually working coz the lines were not moving at all! Even the locals were impatient. After a while, they just held down their horns until the line moved.

Although it is the capital, it is not very big at all and I could easily walk everywhere. Not many people were there either coz apparently most of them have gone to the coast for the holidays, so it was perfect timing. I had a really great host, Mikhail from Russia who is living in Sofia for work. He was a nice guy and we got along really well, discussing how ridiculous Russia is!

We also tried this weird fruit that we picked from a tree. We found it on Google and apparently people can eat the seeds inside but that’s it. Mostly the squirrels eat them. We tried them and they tasted like nothing. Maybe good in a salad or something.


The city was very beautiful and the best bit was it had so many parks, a couple of big ones and a few small ones, dotted around the city so it was very green and didn’t seem so much like a city. The main attraction, and what is like the only photo of Sofia when you Google it, is the Alexandar Cathedral. It was seriously amazing and unlike others I have seen in Europe.




Sofia had a few really nice churches actually, including this beautiful Russian one (on the left) and this church from the 4th century. Crazy how old this continent is really. The other photo are also some random 4th Century ruins from a church in the middle of the city. Totally normal.



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