Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Aug 22-24

This little city was seriously cute. Like I knew it would be beautiful but I didn’t realise just how cute. Very small too and I spent one full day here, which was enough to see everything at my very leisurely pace.


It had a lot of traditional Bulgarian architecture, which you can notice by the buildings that are smaller on the first floor and then bigger on top. This is to avoid paying more tax because they pay by the size of the block. Crafty.



The city also had sites of Roman ruins. Seeing as I haven never been to Italy, it was really cool and unexpected to see these here.




And of course, what kind of a city would it be without having a fortress at the top of the mountain?! Although the fortress is actually really ruins now, it was still a really cool spot to hang out for a while and get a good view of the city.


A little side note: I also ate possibly the best cookies and cream ice cream that exists. Real cookie chunks on the outside and on the inside and not skimping on the cookie. I consider myself to be quite the expert when it comes to this ice cream flavour, so when I say it was amazing, it actually was!




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