Nis, Serbia

Aug 17-19

This was a very cute little city and I had a really nice time here, even though I didn’t stay as long as planned. My host, Nikola, was a really nice and relaxed guy so it was good to stay with him (that is a photo of his house below). Plus he had this gorgeous one year old dog, Luna, who was such a sweetheart! She was so well behaved and she loved me. Plus she got to learn some English while I was there talking to her the whole time.


In this town there is a Nazi Concentration Camp, deceptively named the Red Cross. It is supposed to be the most well preserved camps in Europe. I have seen three camps in Germany and this one was tiny compared to those. The only building that was open was the main one and it had three levels, two of those housed a small museum. The best bit was at the very top with all the old cells. I was the only one there and it was the creepiest thing ever to be looking in these cells while it was dead quiet. I was pretty freaked out and couldn’t walk into any of them. Two of them even had the floors covered with barbed wire, just as an extra form of torture, I am guessing.


The rest of the buildings weren’t open to look inside but looking through the windows, they were empty anyway. They still had the labels painted above the doors, so lucky I can read German. The rooms were the kitchen, washroom, dining room and also for the guards. There were also some old watch towers and parts of the old barbed wire fencing laying around. I love visiting these camps and there is always a really eerie feeling in the whole place. Every time I have been to one I have been pretty much the only person there so it adds to the atmosphere.


And no town on this side of Europe seems to be complete without a fortress in the city centre. It was huge around the outside and inside was a beautiful park, with ruins spread around from the ancient city.

Then there was also this random attraction called Skull Tower. It was a tower built by the Turks after a battle with the Serbs, when they decapitated the Serbs’ heads, skinned them and then built a tower with them as a warning to their rivals. Quite a disturbing story. But what remains of the tower, can hardly be called a tower anymore. More like a small wall that even I could probably climb and unfortunately photos weren’t allowed but I am sure you can use your imagination. Or Google.





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