Belgrade, Serbia

Aug 12-17

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this city and I wasn’t overly excited to go to a big city (and obviously I didn’t have to come here) but I wanted to check it out. And I have been very pleasantly surprised! The city is not very big and it doesn’t even seem like there are that many people here. The public transport is great, easy to use and there is plenty of it all the time. Most things are in walking distance anyway.


On my first afternoon, I did a free 3 hour walking tour, which was really good because I was the only one and the girl was great so it was just like hanging out with a friend (…who is really knowledgeable about the history of Belgrade). The city has a lot of really beautiful , old buildings (like every city in Europe) but the best part is the HUGE fortress that is located in this huge park along the Danube river. I took another whole day out to explore this fortress. There were also a couple of very cute little churches in there (and is of course the place to get married in Belgrade).



On another day, I also went and visited an old suburb of Belgrade called Zemun. It was very small and adorable, with cobblestone streets and lots of nice cafes and a park running along the river. It is famous for this tower, called the Millennium Tower, which was built in 1896. It was a very cute town to wander around in. Another highlight was the farmer’s market. I bought about 400 grams of blackberries, about the same amount of raspberries and a kilo of grapes for the equivalent of about $5. Berries are a luxury item at home and here I am rich!





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