Jajce, Bosnia

July 31- Aug 8

I love this town so much that I stayed longer than planned. My first day of exploring this tiny city was amazing! It was thunder storming with heaps of lightening and I went up to this old fortress at the top of the mountain, with views over the whole city. When I first got up there, it wasn’t raining or anything so I took my time walking around and taking in the views. The atmosphere with the weather and the fact that there were only like 4 other people there made it really cool.

As I was leaving, it started pouring with rain and the storm got worse, so I took refuge in a little cave at the front of the fortress and watched the lightening strike over the mountains for an hours or so. It was the most perfect day!

My host here is a really nice French guy, but he loves Bosnia so much that he spends most of his time here and spends his life travelling while writing a book. What a life. He lives up in the mountains a bit and so this is the view across from his house:



The city is built around this waterfall, which flows from a series of small waterfalls from the big lake at the other end of town.

This is a another waterfall site, where my host took me for dinner to the restaurant that is built next to it. It is like a little secret local site, tucked away in the mountains outside of the main town.

The ne

The next day, I walked up to the other end of the town where the lakes are. First there is the small one and after another 2km, there is the bigger one, where I spent the day. The water was freezing but nice. A guy told me it is always 7 degrees in the water. There was hardly anyone there, so it was so peaceful!

This town has definitely been my favourite so far!



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