Zagreb, Croatia

I have been here for three nights already and tonight is my last. I have couchsurfed with the lovely Marcus, who is actually German so I got to get a bit of speaking practice in. Always useful. He lives just outside the city centre, but seeing as the city is not that big, that means he lives in this little village. It is really quiet and peaceful here. His house is huge, so I have had my own room and bathroom, which has been a nice luxury (my last host had a one room apartment). There are even fruit trees in the garden, with blackberries, apples and pears, which I can pick whenever I want so that has been really great.



Oh and my host is a semi-professional Beekeeper, so I have been learning a lot about bees and watching them being fed. I did not realise that they could come and go out of these little boxes as they pleased! But of course, how else would they get pollen. Anyway. Pretty interesting stuff.

Marcus also has a very cute dog (a Malamute, which looks like a Huski), named Luki, who has followed me everywhere since I have been here. Mostly because I talk to him constantly like he is my own dog.


Marcus also lives not far from the forest, so on my first day, we took the dog for a walk through there and out to this small waterfall.


The next day, Marcus took me out to a small town called Samobor. It was very cute and we ate these cakes which apparently have rules on how to order them. Either you MUST order both together or just the yellow, vanilla slice looking one on its own. Otherwise it’s weird.

cream cakes

Overlooking the town is an abandoned castle on a hill so we did a climb up this hill to explore. It was amazing! Marcus told me that hardly anyone goes there and you can tell. It is all overgrown but it was huge and the views city were gorgeous.

Yesterday, I went into the actual city, which took me two hours to walk in (therefore today I have done nothing coz my feet hate me now) and then I looked around the old part of town for a while. Very pretty city with not many people around so I was happy about that. The weather here is boiling too by the way (maybe around 30 but feels way hotter and I am NOT complaining!), so I was pretty exhausted by the time I walked back home.







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